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Belfry Mons

As a Unesco World Heritage site and the only baroque belfry in Belgium, the belfry of Mons commands respect. During the restoration of this monument, an enormous stair structure inside the building was constructed from more than 300 Staco perforated spiral stair treads.

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The construction of the Second Coentunnel, the widening of the A8 and the A10 West and the construction of a new motorway will bring road space to the Amsterdam area. We were allowed to contribute a nice share to the sun protection for this Second Coentunnel with our louvre gratings. These provide good light when entering and exiting the tunnel, enhancing road safety for motorists on the A8 near Amsterdam.

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The Cuyperspassage runs under Amsterdam Central Station and connects the northern IJ-side with the Stationsplein on the south side of the station. Here, the 15,000 pedestrians and cyclists who pass by daily admire a sleek wall with Staco gratings in RVS 316 on one of the sides.

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De Waalse Krook

A striking building called 'Waalse Krook' has emerged in the centre of Ghent. This project contains different parts for various purposes and surrounding squares and gardens. This innovative place houses organisations that together aim to provide services and carry out research around information technology and media. To form an attractive link between the various elements and buildings, we supplied 2,000 m² of galvanized cardboard gratings.

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Hoekse Lijn

Public transport in the Rotterdam and The Hague region has had a major makeover. The railway line between Schiedam and Hoek van Holland has been completely converted into a metro line. The link with the Rotterdam metro network connects the heart of Rotterdam with the beach at Hoek van Holland. We were commissioned to supply steel partition press gratings for the transparent walls and deck gratings with Cumaru wood for the ramps.

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Sportpavillon Fletiomare-Oost (NL)

Not only the population, but also the demand for sports facilities is increasing in the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht. With sports pavilion Fleitomare-Oost, a new sports complex has been realized to meet this growing demand. Football club PVCV, handball club HV Leidsche Rijn and korfball club Fiduca have been playing sports under one roof since Friday 29 September 2017. We were allowed to contribute to the superstructure by supplying the finest expanded metal.

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Little C

The Little C district in Rotterdam gives you the feeling of walking through New York. For this beautiful project in Rotterdam, we were commissioned by Wolter Tijdink to supply standard pressure-welded gratings and pressure-welded stair treads, hot-dip galvanised by Rotocoat. The fifteen buildings are characterised by sturdy brick, large windows, robust window frames and striking steel balconies.

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London Bridge Place

A business environment, 'The Place' is prominent in London's newest commercial quarter. It offers 40,000 m² of efficient, modern office space, in a prestigious seventeen-story building. We were allowed to contribute to this architectural masterpiece with our grilles, which, among other things, were able to hide the equipment on the roof in a modern way.

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