De Waalse Krook

A striking building called 'Waalse Krook' has emerged in the centre of Ghent. This project contains different parts for various purposes and surrounding squares and gardens. This innovative place houses organisations that together aim to provide services and carry out research around information technology and media. To form an attractive link between the various elements and buildings, we supplied 2,000 m² of galvanized cardboard gratings.

Запитване за оферта

  • Ghent, Белгия
De Waalse Krook

Attractive canopies
with gratings

In this project, we had a close collaboration with several parties. Our direct client in the Walloon Krook was Metaalconstructies Verlooy from Mol. The Ghent architectural firm Coussée & Goris architects and their partners RCR Arquitectes provided the design for the Waalse Krook. This design includes a prominent place for steel cardboard press gratings. We were allowed to develop and supply these! The architects drew our gratings mainly on 5 floors as a canopy above the windows. Apart from the visual aspect, these can of course also serve as an overflow for window cleaners.

Our part in De Waalse Krook

Our part in this project lay largely in connecting the various buildings by means of our gratings. We therefore produced and supplied around 2,000 m² of galvanised cardboard press gratings with slotted holes in the edge. This made the connection between the elements even stronger. The gratings were constructed in a "stroking" manner, i.e. the grating bars are optically in line. In addition, these gratings were coated in a customised rust colour specially composed for this project. This way, the gratings matched well with the rest of the Walloon Krook design.




Our solutions are often part of a bigger story. That is why we like to work with the best partners to make the project a great success. Not only good cooperation, but also the best solutions and products ensure a great end result. That is why we only use our own metal solutions with the right finish to match your challenge.

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About De Waalse Krook

De Waalse Krook is a large and striking building in the center of Ghent. It immediately attracts attention due to its interesting and distinctive appearance. The project comprises three buildings: the Library, the Winter Circus and a residential complex. In addition, several public squares, a quayside promenade with green zone and walking and cycling bridges surround this eye-catcher.



More about this project

Have you become curious about this project and would you like to know more about the details of the Staco solutions in the Waalse Krook in Ghent? Our experts will be happy to tell you all about the cardboard press gratings and associated finishes that were used here. Feel free to call or e-mail us for an informal talk with one of our experts.

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