Diversity, equality and inclusion

The workforce within our growing international organization is highly intercultural and diverse. This ensures that creative ideas from many different people come together, ultimately leading to a better understanding and providing us with the competencies to remain successful.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

We make
no distinction.

Differences in age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, personal style, physical abilities, religion, experiences and many other factors contribute to our diversity and inclusion.

Our work identity.

Within Staco, we have integrated diversity and inclusion into our work identity, therefore we are constantly taking measures to improve our workforce by:

  • Ensuring that management is engaged and knows how to deal with different cultures and personal preferences of employees
  • Attracting and retaining a wide variety of talent at many different levels
  • Ensuring that Staco is a safe work environment, that people are honest and do not discriminate

We are constantly looking for people with talent and character. Would you like to develop yourself in an environment where you feel appreciated? Then take a look at our various vacancies.

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