Do you prefer an open and light (working) environment with a spacious appearance? Or do you want to accentuate or conceal certain features of the ceiling? Then you can go either way with metal ceiling panels and gratings. It exudes quality and reliability. The metal panels are almost universally applicable, for example in offices, factories, data centers, airports or in metro stations.

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Choosing metal ceiling panels

The ceiling determines the atmosphere in a room. Not only the look, but also the acoustics in a room depend largely on the ceiling. You can easily incorporate lighting, ventilation and the sound system in the panels, but they can also hide conspicuous pipes, air-conditioning and similar installations. Thanks to the relatively large design freedom, you can easily create a cool, clean and industrial look.


Excellent application in the following sectors:


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Public areas

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Food & Pharmaceutical

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Sector Automotive


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Why choose Staco
ceiling panels
and gratings?

There are many choices of materials from which the panels can be made, and the way they are made also varies. If you opt for metal panels with different mesh widths and thicknesses, you can determine the view through to the pipes placed above the gratings. If you want to limit the view, choose perforated panels to still maintain proper ventilation. Or opt for an open structure with expanded metal panels. Are you looking for a suitable solution for your ceiling? Our experts know all about it.

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Overview of
possibilities and options:

CeilingsMaterial type
Panel typeSteelStainless steelAluminiumTransparancyLight
Pressed gratingsxxx
Pressed gratings Fullxxx95%
Pressed gratings Round wirexx
Perforated panelsxxx Depending
on the hole
Expanded metalx8 - 42%41 - 79%

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To remain sustainable, today's world needs innovation more than ever. In sectors where safety, quality and reliability are important, this can sometimes be a real challenge. We are proud when our solutions enable and inspire you to enhance the beauty, safety, accessibility and sustainability of the world.


Production process panels and gratings

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Materials of our panels

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Sun screening

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Metal ceiling panels
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We want to find a custom-made solution for your challenge. With our knowledge and experience, we will provide you with the solution that meets your requirements. Feel free to call or email us for a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts.

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