Facades & Cladding

Have you ever thought about metal cladding panels for your building? We would like to tell you why this could be a good choice. Using metal façade panels and louvres not only gives an architectural boost to the building, it also acts as insulation, soundproofing and ventilation. Metal panels integrated into a façade also contribute to the building's sustainability.

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Facades & Cladding

Why choose metal facade panels?

In terms of creativity, there are endless possibilities with regard to façade panels and façade cladding. You can choose from various types of materials for the panels and gratings, each with different properties, applications and finishes. On the basis of a façade plan drawn up, we will look at the possibilities for your facade together. Besides looking beautiful, the façade panels can also be functional. For example, they can limit the incidence of sunlight or light and create more privacy.


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Food & Pharmaceutical

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Why Staco
facade panels?

We have many different types of façade panels and specialize in centering and aligning them for a clean and correct façade appearance. We can also adjust the suspension for any substructure and, if required, can supply your façade panels in almost any RAL color. So together, we make your building extra distinctive.

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Solutions for
facades & cladding.

Facades & CladdingMaterial type
Panel typeSteelStainless steelAluminiumTransparancyLight
Pressed gratingsxxx95%
Pressed gratings Fullxxx95%
Pressed gratings Louvrexxx>10%
Pressed gratings Round wirexx
Perforated panelsxxx
Expanded metalx8 - 42% 41 - 79%

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To remain sustainable, today's world needs innovation more than ever. In sectors where safety, quality and reliability are important, this can sometimes be a real challenge. We are proud when our solutions enable and inspire you to enhance the beauty, safety, accessibility and sustainability of the world.


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Metal cladding panels
for every challenge!

We want to find a tailor-made solution to your challenge or if you have a special finishing wish. With our knowledge and experience, we will provide you with the solution that meets your requirements. Feel free to call or email us for a no-obligation consultation on your façade project with one of our experts.

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