Are you facing a challenge in a project case or does appearance versus functionality play an important role? Have you ever thought of adding steel to your floor. Think about robust steel floor panels and gratings instead of a standard concrete floor or a heavy wooden construction? A good and above all sustainable choice!

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Why choose steel floor panels?

Steel floor panels and gratings make the floor permeable to air and light, giving it a spacious character. They can be used both indoor and outdoor, directly on the ground or vertically. They also provide a sleek and modern look on, for example, walkways, work floors or platforms around (large) installations.


Excellent application in the following sectors:


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Public areas

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Vehicles & heavy duty

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Food & Pharmaceutical

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Sector Automotive


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Why Staco
floor panels and gratings?

What sets us apart at Staco is that we always look at the big picture and not at the individual panels or gratings to be installed. We have many solutions for floors, for both indoor and outdoor applications. We control our advanced production process so that the lines and design of your designed floor are always taken into account.

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Solutions for

Floors Material typeAnti-slip options
Panel typeSteelStainlessAluminiumSingleDouble
JettyDeck®xx x 
ArtDeck®xx Granulate 
Pressed Heavy dutyxxxxx
Weldedxx xx
Welded Heavy dutyxx xx
Welded Offshorexx xx
Perforated panelsxxxx 
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To remain sustainable, today's world needs innovation more than ever. In sectors where safety, quality and reliability are important, this can sometimes be a real challenge. We are proud when our solutions enable and inspire you to enhance the beauty, safety, accessibility and sustainability of the world.


Production process panels and gratings

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Steel floor panels
for every challenge!

We want to find a tailor-made solution for your challenge. With our knowledge and experience, we will provide you with the solution that meets your requirements. Feel free to call or email us for a no-obligation consultation for your flooring solution.

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