Materials of our panels


Materials of Staco panels
There are various materials that we use to produce our construction panels and gratings. To ensure that you choose the right type of steel, it is important to consider the environment and the application for which you want to use the material. We will be happy to tell you about the various types of steel, their advantages and disadvantages and the match between the material and the application in which it is used!

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Structural steel: our types

At Staco, we use structural steel, also known as steel, for the majority of our construction panels. Steel is often a typical raw material for static structures or construction parts. Within structural steel, we use S235 steel or, if a higher tensile strength is required, S355 steel. Both steel variants undergo a zinc process after the production process, which protects the steel better against possible corrosion.

Why Stainless Steel for our panels?

Are you looking for a more durable material with less chance of corrosion? Then choose stainless steel (RVS). Thanks to its high chromium concentration, stainless steel is extremely suitable for various specialization markets within the industry. We use two types of stainless steel; RVS304 and RVS316. The difference lies mainly in the corrosion resistance of the material, where RVS316 is more resistant to salt or acidic external influences. Both variants are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Other stainless steel types are available on request. 

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Aluminium: light and strong 

Besides structural steel and stainless steel, you can also opt for solutions made of aluminium. This is often used for the favourable combination of relatively low weight with high strength. Aluminium is easy to deform due to its low melting temperature. It also naturally has an oxide layer, which can be further enhanced by anodising the material (possibly in transparent of a desired color). A different grade of aluminum is used for anodising.


Make the right choice of material

Not quite sure about the best choice of material for your project? Our experts will be happy to help you on your way. Not only in the choice of material, but also in determining the most suitable panel types or fastening solutions, we are happy to think along with you.

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