Production process of panels and gratings

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The production process of our metal panels
Metal serves as the basis for our extensive range of construction panels and gratings. With two production sites of our own, we can guarantee consistent quality of our solutions. But how does this production process actually work? And how do we achieve this consistently high quality of our panels?

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Production process

Possibility of slitting metal coils

Our panels are made from various widths of strip steel. At our production site in Poland, we have machines that can cut wide rolls of metal lengthwise into narrower rolls of strip, known as slitting. The coils of strip are then immediately ready for processing into metal panels. Would you like to know more about slitting or do you have a specific question about it?

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From metal coil to quality panel

As described above, our metal panels are produced from steel strip, also known as coil. The coil is unrolled by machine and then passes through the straightening machine, so that it always passes straight through the punching or cutting machine (depending on the type of panel we produce). 

We distinguish three different production processes here; for pressed panels, for welded panels and for perforated panels.

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production processes

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Pressed panels

The strip for the bearing bars is punched and cut to the right size. The cross bars are machine-pressed into this at right angles and edged to create a sturdy panel.

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Welded panels

The strip for the bearing bar is cut to the right size.  The twisted round cross bar is then forged welded at right angles to form the grating.  The panel can then be fully edged or left open ended as matts.

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Perforated panels

A wider strip is used for the perforated panels, this has holes punched and pressed to perforate & emboss the steel strip.  It can then be formed with optional one, two or three folds to offer strength and stiffness in plank form.

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panel categories

Special finishes

In the production process of pressed and welded panels, there is enough space for customisation and special finishes! Would you like fixing brackets? Then we will also weld these to the panel at that time. Would you like extra cut-outs in the panels, to make them completely to your liking? That is also possible.

The delivery of your panels

It is important that the panels arrive at your site properly and on time. Besides production, our experts are also happy to help with the delivery and installation of the panels. Our solutions are transported in such a way that installation can be as flexible as possible. Thanks to our experience in other projects, we can help you with this.

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