New Perfo machine in use 

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New Perfo machine

Soon, the brand-new Perfo machine AP3 at Staco Netherlands in Reuver will be fully operational. This perforation line consists of a perforation section followed by a fully automated bending cell. The products are accurately nested based on a standard coil with a width of 1000 mm. For certain products, it is possible to include the mounting plates directly in the outer contours, allowing them to be bent simultaneously. Subsequently, these plates are welded on the bent side.

The bending cell has a maximum capacity of 2000 mm. For longer products, our external bending cell with a maximum reach of up to 3000 mm is utilized. Moreover, with the new AP3 machine, it is possible to perforate in free form, enabling you to order various perforation patterns. Curious about the possibilities for your project? Contact our sales department.

New possibilities for the production of Perforated panels

Perforated panels, also known as perforated or perfo planks & treads, are the basis for a versatile product with a wide range of applications. For instance stair cases, access platforms, walkways, step overs and wall partitions. Manufactured from various qualities of steel, aluminium or stainless steel coils in standard sizes or customised. Folding the panels gives them strenght, which makes them widely applicable and suitable for any case. 

Are you interested in perforated panels for your project? Take a sneak peek at our extensive range of perforated panels.

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