Perforated panel 30

Type AP 30

Looking for a versatile product to suit your application. Our Perforated panel 30, also known as perfo or perfo planks, can be used almost anywhere due to its simplicity. The range of applications including stair cases, access platforms and walkways, step overs and wall partitions are all examples of this products versatility. The AP30 punched hole design provides exceptional anti slip, drainage, reduced transparency and heel proof properties due to its small holes diameter. The folded design of the plank creates a safe, strong and stable platform to inspire your design. In addition to horizontal applications, the panels can also be used vertically as wall cladding or enclosures for Stores & compounds such as bike or HVAC. 

Perforated panel Type AP 30 VMA is ideally suited for use in publicly accessible areas due to its heel proof properties & the MAW in areas where heel control is not necessary. 

Our coil based and bespoke manufacture flexibility inspires you to optimize your design.  Allowing our customers to engineer the most sustainable product by creating very little or no scrap in its production, see our calculation tool or ask our sales department.

  • Widely applicable due to its many options in width, height and design.
  • Available in both 5mm and 8mm holes.
  • Choice of material and single or welded panel design.
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Perforated panel 30


Material types

  • Steel (S235JR)
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304 & AISI 316l)

Other possibilities

  • Span of up to 3 metres possible

Surface treatment

  • Hot-dip galvanised
  • Coated
  • Duplex (hot-dip galvanised and coated)

Material thickness

  • 2 mm

Fixation methods

  • For our fastening options, see the "Fixations" page

Manufacturing possibilities

  • Cut-outs and free design possible
  • Double and triple setting for greater stability and load-bearing capacity

Suitable for sector


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Public areas

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Vehicles & heavy duty

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Food & Pharmaceutical

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Sector Automotive


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Facades & Cladding

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Fences & Partitions

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Sun screening - Brise Soleil

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Balconies & Balustrades

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Our perforation 
patterns & variants

AP 2-30 MAW 8mm.jpg

Perforated panel 30 with drainage 


  • Anti-slip perforation Ø 8 mm punched up 3mm high. 
  • Drainage perforation Ø 5 mm punched down 3 mm deep both on a 30 mm c.t.c staggered pitch.
AP 2-30 ZAW 8mm.jpg

Perforated panel 30 without drainage


  • Anti-slip perforation Ø 8 mm punched up 3mm high on a 30mm c.t.c staggered pitch.
  • No drainage perforations
AP 2-30 VMA 5mm.jpg

Perforated panel 30 Safety with drainage


  • Anti-slip perforation Ø 5 mm punched up 3mm high. 
  • Drainage perforation Ø 5 mm punched down 3 mm deep both on a 30 mm c.t.c staggered pitch.
AP 2-30 VZA 5mm.jpg

Perforated panel 30 Safety without drainage


  • Anti-slip perforation Ø 5 mm punched up 3mm high on a 30mm c.t.c staggered pitch.
  • No drainage perforations

Strength calculation of perforated panels and stair treads.

Simply complete a strength calculation online and get instant detailed information for the project and possible application options of our perforated panels.

  • Fast, accurate and free
  • Simple to fill in with a few details
  • Based on the quality standard RAL-GZ 639

Strength analysis perforated panels

Strenght analysis perforated.png

Our other perforated panel types


To remain sustainable, today's world needs innovation more than ever. In sectors where safety, quality and reliability are important, this can sometimes be a real challenge. We are proud when our solutions enable and inspire you to enhance the beauty, safety, accessibility and sustainability of the world.


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