Fire station Almere Poort 

The fire station needed relocate its barracks in Almere to improve fire brigade turn out times. This will allow fire personnel arrive in Poort as well as Almere city faster. In 2019, initial preparations were started for the relocation of the barracks from Almere city to Almere Poort on the Argonweg. This strategic location, on a public transport route, is close to Elementendreef, near the Hogering and the A6. A total of 440 m2 of expanded metal was used in this project. Both in the wall cladding, roof structure and the gates.

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  • Almere, Netherlands
Fire station Almere Poort

robust appearance thanks to expanded metal

The copper- colored expanded metal makes the building stand out. The barracks features an elongated continuous façade facing the bus lane. It gives the barracks a robust look and reduced visibility of the courtyard. The façade has some transparency an has a secure level of free area. 

Transparency of a large part of the façade parts is necessary for the areas which shouldn’t be obscured completely. With the façade system, the appearance of the façades remains striking while still creating something airy with a friendly appearance. The view from inside to outside remains guaranteed, while the façade system provides sufficient security and privacy. The product is easy to mount on a rear construction and requires little or no maintenance. 

Our part in Fire station Almere Poort 

Ultimately, an aluminum façade finish was chosen for this design because of the durable and low-maintenance nature of the material.  The choice of this façade system was largely due to the aesthetic appearance of the product. The façade has some transparency an has a secure level of free area. 

"Fire Station Almere Poort is accessed from the Argonweg and is positioned with the exit gates facing the bus lane creating a clear separation between the more commercial and pedestrian area. As an extension of the exit gates, the canopy is placed along the bus lane, which also serves to close off the site. The continuous façade sections hide the large courtyard from view. The more private uses of the barracks such as sleeping, recreation, sports, parking, etc. are oriented towards the inner courtyard. The building's operational functions face outwards. This makes the barracks a recognizable building that, with its robust appearance yet transparent character, is in line with the fire brigade's culture!"  - Says Mike Olthoff (ME-2 Architecten BNA)




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We contributed to the impressive building of the Firestation Almere Poort. We would be happy to tell you more about it. Would you like to know more about this project, the solutions used and other challenges involved? Feel free to call or e-mail us, and we will schedule an informal meeting!

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