Hoekse Lijn

Public transport in the Rotterdam and The Hague region has had a major makeover. The railway line between Schiedam and Hoek van Holland has been completely converted into a metro line. The link with the Rotterdam metro network connects the heart of Rotterdam with the beach at Hoek van Holland. We were commissioned to supply steel partition press gratings for the transparent walls and deck gratings with Cumaru wood for the ramps.

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  • Between Schiedam and the Hook of Holland, Netherlands
Hoekse Lijn

A makeover for
public transport

We are proud when we can inspire you to contribute to a safer and more accessible world. The entrance portals at Hoekse Lijn stations are situated so that passengers can survey the entire platform at a glance, giving the platforms a safe appearance. The platforms have transparent walls to screen off the stops. All the stop furniture such as lighting, cameras and wastebaskets are fixed to the walls. This keeps the platform obstacle-free. In addition, each station will have a ramp or lift, and guide lines for the blind will be provided so that the renewed transport system can also be used by people with disabilities. We were allowed to contribute to this with our steel gratings.

Our contribution to the Hoekse Lijn

We know better than anyone that you make an impact together. We therefore like to work closely with you and other partners to create the right solution for your challenge. For this project, we were commissioned by Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie from Udenhout to supply 1839 m² of separation press gratings for the transparent walls of the Hoekse Lijn. These booster walls have a smaller mesh size at the bottom and an increasingly larger mesh size as they move upwards. In addition, these walls have round rather than flat filler bars. This creates a playful effect.

We were also asked to collaborate on the ramps. For this, we supplied 1362 m² of Cumaru deck gratings. On the sides of these gratings are steel cardboard press gratings which serve as fall-through protection. Especially for this project, we produced hatches in some of the floor gratings and supplied pressed gratings for the doors with lock and moon plate slats.

All steel grilles were hot-dip galvanized by Rotocoat and were fitted with specially developed brackets to ensure proper fitting and adjustment of the grilles.




Our solutions are often part of a bigger story. That is why we like to work with the best partners to make the project a great success. Not only good cooperation, but also the best solutions and products ensure a great end result. That is why we only use our own metal solutions with the right finish to match your challenge.

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About Hoekse Lijn

The Hoekse Lijn takes you from the city center of Rotterdam to the beach at Hoek van Holland. Architect Marc Verheijen took the location of the stations into account when applying the colors. Within the spectrum of evening red, he applies a different color to each station; from yellow on the city side to red on the sea side. At each station, recognizable elements recur in the inside of the portals and in the foils in the gas of the shelters. By applying wave relief to each station, it is clear that the traveler is on a metro line that ends at the sea.



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Our people make the real difference by using their knowledge, skill and helpfulness to find a tailor-made solution to your challenge. We were able to do the same at Hoekse Lijn between Schiedam and Hoek van Holland. Are you curious to know what else we did for this project or how we can help you with your challenge? Then feel free to contact us.

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