Museumplein Limburg

Museumplein in Kerkrade brings together three institutions in one building: Continium, Cube and Columbus. From the entrance hall, visitors descend into an underground landscape that links old and new. This design uses Staco Pressed Standard Gratings in the ceilings and in the railings.

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  • Kerkrade, Netherlands
Museumplein Limburg

Our contribution to Museumplein Limburg

We produced and supplied 700 m² of Pressed Standard Gratings 2-25/66x66 for the ceilings and balustrades of the sunken square and other areas of the Museumplein in Kerkrade. These were hot-dip galvanized and supplied coated. Rotocoat provided the galvanization and powder coating in matt black RAL 8022. The black gratings give the ceiling of the entrance area a sleek appearance. During this project, we delivered the gratings on laying plan so that they could be processed quickly.


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Onze oplossingen zijn vaak onderdeel van een groter verhaal. Daarom werken wij graag samen met de beste partners om het project tot een groot succes te maken. Niet alleen een goede samenwerking, maar ook de beste oplossingen en producten zorgen voor een prachtig eindresultaat. Daarom gebruiken wij uitsluitend onze eigen metalen oplossingen met de juiste afwerking die écht bij jouw uitdaging passen.

Pressed gratings

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About Museumplein Limburg

Three institutions are located in Museumplein Limburg: Continium, Cube and Columbus. Continium is a discovery Center for science and technology. Cube focuses on design exhibitions and has "living labs" where visitors work with students and designers on product design and innovation. Columbus has an "Earth theatre" in the form of a "planetarium inversum" half underground and Europe's first National Geographic 3D theatre at the top. Inside the building are red staircases and walls with an earthy look, which together with the literal "descent" refer to the region's mining past.



More about this project

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