Parking Haarlem

As a result of the increase in parking demand due to adjacent projects and other developments, additional parking was needed. The car park serves users of the surrounding buildings, gym and restaurants. We were commissioned to supply 800 m2 of steel gratings type RO and perfo treads AP 3-50MAW used in the 5-storey car park building. Construction took only 24 weeks.

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  • Haarlem, Netherlands
Parking Haarlem

Circular constuction system

The car park is based on circular construction system, which allows a flexible response to future parking needs and preserves the value of the materials. In addition, it has been designed to have a logical route and maximise safety. The entrances and exits are well connected to the surrounding roads and the stairwells are strategically positioned to avoid main thoroughfares. The car park operates a one-way system, which enhances safety. 

Our part in Parking Haarlem

Car Parks developed and designed the car park in cooperation with construction partners Batenburg Installatietechniek and JVZ Ingenieurs. We were commissioned to supply 800 m2 of steel gratings type RO and perfo treads AP 3-50MAW used in the 5-storey car park building. 




Our solutions are often part of a bigger story. That is why we like to work with our partners to make the project a success. Not only good cooperation, but also the best solutions and products ensure a great end result. That is why we only use our own metal solutions, and manufacture to the right specification to help resolve your challenge.

Pressed gratings

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Pressed gratings Full

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Perforated Stair Treads

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We contributed to the impressive building of the Parking Haarlem. We would be happy to tell you more about it. Would you like to know more about this project, the solutions used and other challenges involved? Feel free to call or e-mail us, and we will schedule an informal meeting!

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