Pergola outer harbor Ghent

The outer harbor in Ghent is a 19th-century harbor with several protected monuments. On the site of the former cotton hangar 21, a large steel pergola was erected in the shape of the former shed. This allows Ghent residents, but of course also tourists, to enjoy the magnificent view of the port. We integrated our patented ArtDeck gratings as a floating walking platform within the large steel structure.

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  • Ghent, Belgium
Pergola Voorhaven Gent

Steel pergola in a green park

In early 2020, a new green park was created on the site of the former Cotton Shed 21 as a recreational zone for local residents. Adjacent to the quay wall, a real pergola construction made of Corten steel was erected. Its shape refers to the structure of the former shed. The use of ArtDeck in the stairs and walking platforms in this construction offers local residents an impressive panoramic view in a safe and sustainable way.

Our part in the Outer Harbor Ghent

We were commissioned to produce and supply our patented ArtDeck gratings for the walking platform and access stairs within this construction. For this construction, we chose the light grey granulate filling. Here, it provides a nice shade of color within the industrial framework! Not only the appearance of ArtDeck fitted well in this project, but its other properties also made the choice of ArtDeck in this public space logical. Besides water permeability and the use of sound-absorbing granulate, this product guarantees soft fall protection, which is not unimportant considering the many park visitors.


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About Outer Harbor Ghent

In the Muide-Meulestede district of Ghent lies the outer harbor, one of the best-preserved 19th-century harbors in Europe. The outer harbor is Ghent's largest protected cityscape with 15 protected monuments. Today, the outer harbor is still virtually intact and the old cotton warehouses are being systematically renovated. The city of Ghent is also investing heavily in community greenery to make this public area more attractive. The Pergola in the outer harbor is one of the beautiful elements that provide this harbor with an extra cool boost and a nice view.



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We contributed to the construction of the impressive Pergola in Ghent's outer harbor. We will of course be happy to tell you more about it. Would you like to know more about this project, the solutions used and other challenges of the pergola? Feel free to call or e-mail us, and we will schedule an informal meeting!

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