Port of Rønne

The Port of Rønne is the largest tourist and commercial port on the Danish island of Bornholm with more than 3,000 ships per year. It is one of the largest cruise ports in Denmark and serves ferries arriving from or departing to Ystad in Sweden, Køge in Denmark, Świnoujście in Poland and Sassnitz in Germany. We provided a solid and stable base for the loading ramp using welded gratings.

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  • Bornholm, Denmark
Port of Rønne

Our contributions to the Port of Rønne

We are aware that our solutions are part of a bigger story. We therefore like to work together on projects with the best partners. At the ferry port, a large part of the site was reserved for our gratings. We supplied 27 tons of Welded Standard gratings with a mesh size of 34x38 mm and bearing bars of 60x5 mm. Our gratings can be found on the loading ramp intended for vehicles. The type of gratings we were asked to supply can withstand the toughest conditions. Even in humid seaside conditions, the gratings remain accessible thanks to the twisted cross bars.


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Our solutions are often part of a bigger story. That is why we like to work with the best partners to make the project a great success. Not only good cooperation, but also the best solutions and products ensure a great end result. That is why we only use our own metal solutions with the right finish to match your challenge.

Welded gratings

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Our people make the real difference by using their knowledge, skill and helpfulness to find a tailor-made solution to your challenge. We had the opportunity to do the same at Rønne Harbour. Wondering what else we did for this project or how we can help you with your challenge? Then feel free to contact us.

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To remain sustainable, today's world needs innovation more than ever. In sectors where safety, quality and reliability are important, this can sometimes be a real challenge. We are proud when our solutions enable and inspire you to enhance the beauty, safety, accessibility and sustainability of the world.


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