Artdeck gratings for primary school

In the course of 2016, the primary school building of 't Kofschip, in Edegem, has been thoroughly renovated and extended. The playground was provided with a broad stair construction comprising patented Artdeck gratings. The stairway serves as a direct access to classrooms.

Because the new school complex borders a nature reserve, this was taken into account when designing the construction. The ground-floor level was positioned a few steps below the surface so as to appear smaller. As a result, the first floor is in direct connection with the playground by way of an outdoor staircase construction.

As assigned by Dilien Metaalwerken in Houthalen, Staco manufactured approximately 85 m² of Artdeck gratings. These gratings have been especially configured using type RR40-2 with a mesh width of 33x33 mm and red granules matching the red-brick façade. The stair construction also comprises benches, which have been integrated using especially configured Artdeck gratings.

Thanks to the added granules these gratings not only have a muffling function, the relatively soft surfaces also serve as fall protection. Such measures are more and more becoming top priority - especially where playing children are concerned.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR Artdeck  

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RR 2-40, mesh size 33,33x33,33 mm, hot dip galvanised, red plastic granules


Edegem, BE



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