Gratings for stadium KV Oostende

In the course of 2016, the new soccer stadium of KV Oostende was realised near the Belgian coastline. In addition to two smaller tribunes, a brand-new main tribune was built, and Staco manufactured 250 m² of façade gratings for it.

Because of the new UEFA guidelines, the soccer club from Ostend opted for a totally new stadium complex. As assigned by Dilien Metaalwerken in Houthalen-Helchteren, Staco manufactured over 250 m² of façade gratings for the main tribune.

To create an attractive modern look, the tribune façades were built up of sand-coloured bricks and vertical wooden strips in the club colours red and green. Behind the strips, 2 grid walls have been mounted, version RR 30-2, with a mesh width of 99.99 x 66.66 mm. These had first been welded carefully into steel frames, after which they were provided with a dark grey coating. In addition, all grids were reinforced by means of a welded-on, lowered edge of 50 x 3 mm and provided with matching slotted holes to facilitate mounting.

Thanks to the unique architecture and the careful choice of building materials, this project was given a classy seaside feel.

Staco poduct used

Staco pressed gratings type RR   

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RR 2-30, mesh size 99,99x66,66 mm, hot dip galvanised  


Oostende, BE



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