Heavy duty gratings for public transport

The MIVB maintenance halls in Haren acquire Staco heavy duty gratings type RH with the extension of the parking areas.

Due to this expansion the "Maatschappij voor Intercommunaal Vervoer" in Brussels (the public transport network in Brussels) has been able to optimize second and third line maintenance activities on rolling stock and components and regroup them in a new competency and maintenance centre, with the objective of reducing maintenance costs for buses and trams.  In 2015, in collaboration with MEBO in Lokeren, Staco took care of the production of more than 1000 m²  of pressed and heavy-duty gratings for positioning alongside the inspection pits and new paint shops for rolling stock. The Staco heavy duty gratings type RH were constructed to withstand the loads imposed by intercity buses and trams.

Alongside the bus inspection pits bus lanes were fitted with 300 m² of galvanised heavy duty gratings. In order to be able to bear the loads imposed by this heavy rolling stock a conscious choice was made for narrow, but above all, high gratings of the RH80-5 type, mesh width 33 x 33. Outside these bus lanes another 700m² of pressed gratings were placed in and next to the paint shops using the RR 40-3 meshes 33 x 33 version.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RH
Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RH80-5, mesh size 33 x 33. Staco pressed grating type RR 40-3, mesh size 33 x 33. 


MIVB, Haren, BE



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