Pathways around hospital

In Knokke Heist building work is still continuing on the new hospital AZ ZENO, notable for its spectacular architecture. The extensive use of glass in the exterior construction is remarkable, transforming the building into a piece of modern art.

Commissioned by Groven Plus, Staco will be producing nearly 1,500m² of gratings. These gratings will mainly serve as a pathway and will be placed by Groven Plus lengthways between the facade and the glass facade wall. This will create a harmonious entirety that will join together with the architectural form of the building. In addition, various terraces will be constructed as well that will also be fitted with floor gratings. Work started in autumn 2015 with expected completion in 2016. 

For the construction of this hospital, segment gratings were designed to fit in with the architectural contours of the glass wall around the building. The walkway gratings have a shorter span than 1,000 mm and were produced in pressed gratings type RR 25-2 mesh width 33 x 33, fitted with extra 130 mm-high welded plinths and the necessary cut-outs. All Staco pressed gratings were numbered according to a laying plan to ensure that during positioning the gratings would be mounted lengthways.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RR 25-2, mesh size 33 x 33, fitted with extra 130 mm-high welded plinths.


Hospital, Knokke, BE



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