Platform gratings for Elia

In 2013, the extension of the site on the Léon Monnoyer Quay in Brussels belonging to Elia, the Belgian high voltage grid operator, was completed. An abundance of floor gratings and treads were used to decorate the access road and the terraces around the Elia Green Building, a technical-administrative passive building, with parking spaces, cable park and outdoor landscaping.

During this project involving a building of a technical-administrative complex measuring 10,000 square metres, attention was focussed on sustainable building techniques, resulting in a minimal ecological footprint. As the building accommodates various environmentally-friendly technologies, this sustainability theme was carried through into the surrounding areas thanks to a great deal of green landscaping and the use of natural products. This explains the choice of a steel grating structure with a natural wood inlay that would serve as an access road for pedestrians. The development and production of the Staco platform gratings type RV was commissioned by CFE Brabant. 

1,100 m²  of platform gratings were divided over 3 separate areas. Quite exceptionally, an adjustment to the height of the grating was made from 60 mm to 53 mm for this project. It was also mounted straight onto the concrete floor surface using adjustable legs instead of a secondary steel structure. Each bearing bar was serrated in order to prevent sliding on wet wood. Special anchoring points were also designed on the side of each grating for the installation of the handrails. In the choice of wood, the customer opted for robinia, which weathers to an attractive grey colour after a while.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RV

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RV 30-4 with wooden inlay of 110 mm width, on top of welded strips of 80 x 5 mm, gratings provided with serrated nose en welded kick plates of 100 x 5 mm


Léon Monnoyer Quay, Brussels, BE



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