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It is well-known that gratings can be used for a broad range of applications, and a large number of properties can be panelled using this material. Panelling made of finned grating is most commonly installed to protect against the sun and rain, and/or to provide privacy. But even industry-standard pressed gratings have the same advantages as finned gratings: the products are light, resilient, and withstand the weather.

The open mesh on facades panelled with Staco pressed gratings allows a clear view of the facade lying beneath. Panelling made of finned grating protects the original facade while keeping it easily visible.

This shows once again just how versatile gratings can be. Installing the gratings introduces an appealing architectural touch to the overall look, while providing an ideal opportunity to beautify the grounds. Gratings are excellently suited as a decorative feature to enhance the surrounding environment. Powder coating in any conceivable RAL colour permits a more sophisticated look. For instance, it is no trouble at all for the design to incorporate a company’s logo in precisely the right colours.

This project, to construct a place to store the rubbish bins for a small apartment block, involved a fairly special solution. Creating a dedicated “rubbish bin hut” with decorative panelling made of grating put paid to the ugly sight of rubbish bins left standing around, and therefore helped enhance the residential area. The open facade elements have other positive aspects, too: the galvanised steel pressed grating delivered by Staco Deutschland, with a mesh of 34.3 x 11.1 mm, guarantees continuous ventilation without additional maintenance costs. Galvanised gratings are extremely durable and eminently resistant to any kind of dirt and rust.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RR, mesh size 34.3 x 11.1 hot-dip galvanised


Stuttgart, DE


Fencing & partitioning

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