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Another innovative product by the Staco Group is currently conquering the market for bridges and other crossings with “vertigo factor”. Standardised finned grating with angled, horizontal slats can be used as facade elements in almost any architectural and state-of-the-art building.

The product has proven its effectiveness as a sunshade and to protect against rainwater and dirt falling from above in several construction projects. And when the finned grating fitted to the facade is angled upward, it can even provide a privacy screen to prevent people looking in from below.

This development means that the firm Staco Deutschland can offer two clear benefits for steel/bridge construction firms and engineers/architects. First, the finned grating with a screening function can be used to bridge even wider distances than industry-standard grating systems, despite the low inherent weight. The second benefit is the significant reduction in costs incurred through the use of grating compared with standard solutions made of concrete or heavy steel plates, which are almost impossible to replace once they have been installed.

We take things one step further in our finned screen grating (RLB); the idea to create finned grating walkways that provide complete screening from unwanted perspectives emerged during a project completed by Staco Deutschland. Our finned grating can provide complete or partial screening – depending on what the customer wants – thanks to the additional bevelled edge and a second serrated crossbar on the already-angled horizontal slats. To do this, we use a machine to align the bevel angle on the pressed grating to satisfy any of our customers’ screening wishes. The decisive factor here is whether people walking across the grating will require 90° screening, or just 45°. This depends on whether the view directly downwards towards the users’ feet should be screened, or whether it is also necessary to protect people looking forward from vertigo.

Staco products used

Staco louvre gratings type RLB

Technical information

Staco louvre grating type RLB, mesh size 22.2 x 11.1 TS 40 x 3 50 x 2 


Railway station, Ahaus, DE



Used in sector


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