Facade gratings for Audi AG multi-storey parking

Due to a plant expansion of Audi, new parking spaces for the employees were urgently needed. This resulted in the construction of Audi AG multi-storey parking lot N69 in Ingolstadt. A total of 4,282 new parking spaces were created here for the employees with a total floor area of over 90,000 m².

Five drop-off and pick-up ramps ensure smooth traffic, and there are also four on- and off-ramps on each level. This makes it easier for employees to drive into the parking garage of Audi, which was a particular consideration given the size and number of parking spaces. For pedestrians, the parking spaces are easily accessible via the six staircases.

Staco manufactured and delivered pressed gratings to use in the facade design of the Audi garage. The parking garage was built with a grating facade made of type RR press locked gratings. These pressed locked gratings were made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with a mesh pitch of 33.3x33.3 mm. The large, open meshes provide sufficient fresh air and allow sunlight to flood the building complex unhindered. The grating facade totals 12,000 m².

The vehicles parked at the multi-storey are safely protected from wind and weather.
The durable Staco press-locked gratings are protected against corrosion by the galvanizing and thus do not need to be replaced for years, maintenance is not necessary.

The facade of the Audi parking garage is not only durable, low-maintenance and ensures sufficient air circulation, but also impresses with its simple but modern design.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RR, mesh size 33.3 x 33.3 hot-dip galvanised


Car park, Ingolstadt, DE



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