Covers using Staco Louvre gratings

Benches and staircases were covered using Staco louvre gratings for a new construction project.

The “Klagesmarkt” in Hanover, which originated in the 14th century and since then has been used mainly as a marketplace, was built in the southeastern part under the project "Hannover City 2020 +" from 2013 to 2017. This created a new residential and business district. The 100 apartments and the in-house day care center were ready for occupancy in 2017.

The courtyard is beautifully decorated, with many green areas and benches that invite you to relax. These benches were made with a light wood overlay and covered with Staco louvre gratings. The louvre gratings utilized were made of galvanized steel with a mesh of 99.9x33.3 mm with transverse bars at an angle of 30°. The combination of steel, wood and greenery creates a very aesthetic and architectural sophisticated image. Due to the almost closed louvres (crossbars) hardly any debris can get into the interstices, but they allow a smooth air circulation. The benches, which are very robust due to the combination of wood and louvre gratings, are also well protected against vandalism.

Not only the benches were covered with louvre gratings, but also the staircases were also closed with the identically manufactured gratings. This not only creates a very uniform picture, but is also particularly convenient, as unsightly cavities are thereby closed. Thus, even these places cannot be misappropriated, e.g. by unlawfully dumping garbage.

All louvre gratings were manufactured within the Staco Group and delivered to the customer by Staco Deutschland GmbH. The reorganization of the Klagesmarkt was a complete success and was only met with enthusiasm among its inhabitants.

Staco products used

Staco Louvre gratings type RL

Technical information

Staco Louvre gratings type RL / 30° / galvanized / S235JR


Hannover, Germany



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