New bicycle bridge with Staco perfo planks

At the beginning of the year, Staco Deutschland GmbH took part in the construction of a new bicycle bridge in Hilterfingen, Switzerland.

In 1998, a new bridge was built above the village creek which could be traversed by bicycles. As a result of a new school being built, hundreds of students from different areas began to pass across the bridge every day. From a financial point of view, it was decided to build a wooden bridge without a roofing enclosure. However, a year later the first cracks appeared in the asphalt, moisture penetrated into the structure, the wood began to rot and the fittings started to rust. The calls for a renovation were getting louder, in 2014, a renovation of the bridge was finally approved.

This time the responsible parties did not want to make the same mistakes and opted for a steel solution when planning the renovation / repair. The planning was completed quickly and it was Staco Germany GmbH’s mission to fulfill the requirement. The solution was based on the idea of ​​completely dismantling the existing wooden bridge and replacing it with a steel bridge using the same principle. The supporting foundations of the bridge could be preserved.

For the main structure of the bridge and the road, Staco Germany specified the right solution! Almost 100 square meters of Perfo planks type AP made of galvanized steel were manufactured. Every perfo plank was provided with welded under reinforcement in two places. This provides additional stability but the main reason why this was done was so that installation from below the planks was also a possibility. As a result, the road of planks was as flat as possible which provides more safety when driving on the planks. Perfo planks create the perfect combination of lightness and stability. The entire steel construction is lighter than the previous wooden bridge, however the mounted perfo planks are dimensioned so that they can be driven with a maximum wheel load of 6kN. In addition, the perfo planks are permeable to water and air through their perforation. Since the water can drain through the planks, damage due to ice and road salt are largely excluded. Staco perfo planks are slip-resistant, which is extremely important in the wet and cold, especially for cyclists!

Just in time for the start of school after the spring break, the new bridge was completed. In the “Thuner Tagblatt” (a local magazine), the mayor Gerhard Beindorff said: "From today's point of view, we have to say that money was saved in the wrong place at that time. It turned out that a wooden bridge without a roof would have a limited lifespan. I am convinced that the new bridge will last for a very long time!"

Staco Germany can only agree with this statement. Hot-galvanized gratings from Staco are weather-resistant. Staco finds the right solution - and this has been proved again with this successful project.

Staco products used

Staco Perfo Planks Type AP

Technical information

Staco Perfo Planks Type AP30 MAW / galvanized / S235JR


Hilterfingen, Switzerland



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