Parking and toilet installations

Staco gratings provides a modern look and reliable protection.

It is not only the amount of traffic which has significantly increased on German roads over the past few years, but in particular the percentage of freight traffic has also increased. Today's long-distance goods traffic is dominated by transportation distances which increasingly cause permitted driving periods to be exceeded. Due to traffic safety, rest periods are therefore mandated for vehicle drivers. However, the increased and constantly increasing need for rest areas is confronted by an insufficient number of parking lots – a situation which has existed for some time – resulting in existing rest areas being constantly overcrowded. This frequently leads to massive traffic obstructions due to vehicles parked in the lanes (ultimately leading to backlog all the way up the motorways), and in some cases significant damage to traffic installations and green areas, as well as fixtures at rest areas.

In order to combat this problem, Staco was commissioned with equipping new parking and toilet installations with high-quality gratings. These gratings for the installations provide reliable protection against vandalism and the weather. For this facade covering, type RR pressed gratings made of galvanised steel with a 44.4 x 44.4 mesh were produced and installed. So far, Staco Germany has outfitted a total of 12 parking and toilet installations with a grating facade. Approximately 80 m² of grating was used for each installation. Particular mention should also be given to the custom-manufactured fixture system which was developed in conjunction with the client. It allows faster installation of the gratings. Furthermore, it allows the gratings to be installed in a manner that is theft-proof. This is an enormous advantage when there is a high number of visitors. At the moment, the construction of additional parking and toilet installations is also being discussed, and it is likely that Staco will once again receive the contract.

The sample photos of the parking and toilet installations were taken on the A7 motorway towards Hanover (i.e. towards Kassel) at the Schlochau motorway service area (west and east). They are impressive due to the use of neat galvanised gratings, but also the colourful paint. Where necessary, Staco gratings can be manufactured in a wide range of colours with the use of powder coating. Against this backdrop, taking a rest is a real pleasure!

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RL 44,4 x 44,4 / galvanised / S235JR


A7 motorway towards Hanover and towards Kassel



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