For a construction project in Freiburg, Staco Deutschland GmbH provided the necessary visual protection for the construction of a skyway.

A "skyway" is an overhead pedestrian crossing or bridge between two buildings. For the skyway, opaque louvre gratings were required. The louvre gratings retain privacy for individuals crossing the bridge and also combat any vertigo issues pedestrians could possibly encounter whilst crossing. The visually "closed" louvre bars also create a very pleasant and harmonious exterior appearance. The RLB-gratings create a natural ventilation, which ensures the perfect cold-heat balance.

Louvre gratings with customisable opacity are a specialty of the Staco Group, known under our production range as "RLB". For RLB gratings, the crossbars of the louvre gratings are additionally bent by a special method. This provides an improved opacity for the surfaces and facades covered by the gratings. Due to the additional bending, as well as a possible serialisation of the transverse bars, the RLB gratings can be designed to be partially or totally opaque, depending on the customer's requirements. Any change in the bending angle is made possible by the flexible adjustments on our machines. Thanks to their simple but elegant design, louvre gratings can be used in many applications as facade elements.

Conventional louvre gratings are used as facade elements in many architectural and ultra-modern buildings. Louvre gratings impress with their simple but elegant design. Staco louvre gratings type RL, RLL and RLZ achieve a very great effect as effective sunblind’s, whilst also protecting against the elements of the weather.

In addition, our RLB gratings offer the possibility of larger spans compared to the use of commercial gratings. This is achieved with light weight panels, which is also an essential advantage during the assembly phase.

There is also a cost saving by using louvre gratings, as opposed to conventional methods of concrete or steel plates. Simple assembly and disassembly allows for the quick and easy replacement of individual grating elements or even entire surfaces.

Staco products used

Staco Louvre gratings type RLB

Technical information

Staco Louvre gratings type RLB / galvanised / S235JR


Freiburg, Germany



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