Staco-Gratings for energy supply

Since the summer of 2015, Staco Deutschland GmbH have been participating with their gratings in the construction of the new offshore wind park "Wikinger" in the Baltic Sea; it is expected to go into operation from 2017 onwards, approximately 30 km off the island of Rügen.

 A total of 70 wind power stations, with a generating capacity of 5 MW each, will be constructed for the "Wikinger" wind park. So-called "jackets" (four-legged foundations), anchored at a water depth of approximately 40 m, are used for the wind parks. Staco gratings are used in these jackets in both the internal and external areas, at heights of up to 50 m.

For this project, Staco Deutschland GmbH has supplied approximately 1,200 m² of forge-welded gratings of different designs and specifications. 1,000 m² of this area was made from robust S355 steel. The weld insert plates are another characteristic feature of these gratings. Since the gratings in the external area of the wind park are subjected to severe weather conditions and high waves, a strong attachment is required. Staco Deutschland GmbH uses specially laser-cut steel plates with external dimensions of 140 x 140 mm for this purpose. With a solid thickness of 30 mm and a central drill hole of 50 mm, these plates, which are fully welded to the gratings, are ideally suited to protect the gratings against external influences. In addition to the gratings on the external walkways of the jackets, Staco gratings are also used inside the jackets at 3 different levels respectively. These internal round platforms can be used for the maintenance of the wind parks and contribute towards the proper operation of the wind park.

Staco products used

Staco welded gratings type SP

Technical Information

Staco welded gratings type SP 34,3x38,1 / 40x2 serrated S6 / V6 / galvanized / S235JR
Staco welded gratings type SP 34,3x38,1 / 40x3 serrated S6 / V6 / galvanized / S355JR
Staco welded gratings type SP 34,3x38,1 / 50x3 serrated S6 / V6 / galvanized / S355JR


Windmill park "Wikinger", Sassnitz, DE

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