Lightweight roof top platform for hospital

A smart and lightweight solution. Staco Gratings UK worked with Stephens & Stuarts Engineering Co. Ltd in Southampton on a roof top access platform for Frimley Park Hospital. The requirement called for a network of walkways and step overs for maintenance access to the roof area. The key requirement for this project was weight reduction as this structure would sit directly onto the existing flat roof. Staco's range of RR options and added ability to produce in aluminium proved that Staco had the flexibility and knowhow to fulfil this projects specific requirements.

Aluminium Staco pressed grating type ARR 3-40 / 33 x 99 anodised weighing just 10Kg's M² but load bearing up to 1100mm with intrigated kickplate and GRP Nosing on the treads.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR 

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type ARR 3-40 mesh size 33 x 99 aluminium


Frimley Park Hospital, Southampton, UK



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