Fletiomare-Oost sports pavilion

'After eighteen months in a building site, we now have a fantastic, transparent sports pavilion where all three clubs are happy!'

Shared Sports Pavilion

The development of the Leidsche Rijn district in Utrecht means that many more people are now living here and so there is much more demand for sports facilities. To meet this growing need, a new sports complex has been built in the Fletiomare-Oost Sports Park for football club PVCV, handball club HV Leidsche Rijn and korfball club Fiduca. The shared sports pavilion was officially opened on Friday, 29 September.

The design

The sports pavilion was designed by architect EGM. It is home to two sports canteens, a general dressing room complex and a range of shared rooms. EGM believes that the pavilion expresses a feeling of solidarity but also the character of the clubs: transparent, open and highly individual.

The building has been designed in such a way that the front is on all sides. The upper level, with the specially designed panels of expanded metal, the lettering and the sports symbols, provides the building with a character of its own from every direction. And on top of all that, the building is sustainable and maintenance friendly.

Iconic folded expanded metal

Staco was called in to assist with this project at an early stage and we have been working with EGM, Bolton Bouw and Elmar Group on discussions about the right type of expanded metal for the upper level.

Staco asked their supplier to work up ideas for the folded expanded metal and produce a number of panels for the sandbag pendulum test, which is a legal requirement to determine the fall safety of a partition structure on a floor edge. The folded expanded metal passed this test with flying colours and production could finally start.

260 panels measuring 2955 x 530 mm consisting of white folded expanded metal were produced. All the panels included a welded strip and a corner line for assembly. The black letters and sports symbols were also made from expanded metal and fixed to the expanded metal with cable ties. The 260 panels of expanded metal covering a total area of 422 m2 were mounted on the steel structure with bolts by Elmar Group.

Transparent and sustainable

The expanded metal facade creates a transparent sports pavilion that is clearly recognizable for everyone. At the same time, the expanded metal provides natural ventilation and effective protection from the sun and rain, which means that energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the building are kept as low as possible.

Staco products used

Staco Expanded metal

Technical information

Expanded metal mesh steel galvanized 1,5 mm and coated in RAL  9010 and letters in aluminium 3 mm in RAL 9004. Special the steel panels are folded and welded on L profile 60x60x3 on top and bottom, L profile on 1 height for easy mounting in project.


Utrecht, NL


Fencing &  partitioning

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