Flexible parking garage

Chip manufacturer ASML from Veldhoven is one of the largest producers in the world of machines for making nano chips that are used for telephones, tablets and laptops. ASML is growing fast and needs more parking spaces. That is why a new, flexible parking garage has been built in the parking lot behind the ASML 2 building, which should accommodate 3000 cars.

Staco has supplied 5,100 m2 of steel gratings type RR and RL for the separation around the shafts and ramps on the inside. The gratings were fitted with welded-on lips so that they can be mounted quickly and easily.

Staco products used

pressed gratings type RR
louvre gratings type RL

Technical information

Staco RL 2-50/99x50 galvanised  160 m2 with louvre 30 x 2 mm
Staco RR 3-50/99x50 galvanised 5150 m2


Velhoven, NL, parking


Fencing & partitioning

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