Golden yellow expanded metal

Métal Déployé was closely involved in the renovation of an office building in the historical centre of Dijon and it has supplied expanded metal for the outside of the building and for the conversion of the staircases in the building. On the basis of the architect's design, the strict quality requirements and a restricted budget, it was decided to opt for Zephyr aluminium expanded metal in golden yellow.

The architect's choice of golden yellow for the expanded metal was inspired by the historical setting. The office building is close to Dijon cathedral and an old hospital dating back to the 15th century. The Burgundy architecture of that period used brightly coloured roofs with patterns in golden yellow, orange, red, green and blue.

In this project, Métal Déployé demonstrated that early collaboration with the architect makes it possible to fulfil all the client's wishes. The panels on the outside of the building are lightweight because of the material used and the large mesh size, resulting in a favourable price-quality ratio. Furthermore, the highly transparent material and the golden yellow give the building a warm look that fits in with the surroundings.