Haringvlietsluizen supplied with GRP gratings

Every year Haringvlietsluizen is regularly serviced, however the steel pressed gratings needed to be replaced by plastic Staco GRP gratings.

The Haringvlietsluizen lies between the North Sea and the mouth of the Haringvliet. The Haringvliet dam along with the Haringvliet floodgates protect the land from the high water levels. The floodgates carry the water of the two rivers Rhine and Maas to the North Sea. The dam was built between 1956 and 1970 and connects Goeree - Overflakkee on Voorne-Putten. The locks are a total of 1 km long and consist of 34 slides. The floodgates carry out approximately 30 billion m3 of water each year. If you would like to seek further information, then you will find it by searching "experience the delta route".

Staco has contributed to the maintenance of the floodgates by delivering 3100 m2 GRP gratings type sanded. These plastic gratings are 25 mm high and have a mesh size of 38x 38 mm and a non-slip class R13.

Staco product used

Staco GRP gratings

Technical information 

Staco GRP 25 / 38x38 gritted


Haringvlietsluizen, NL



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