Metro Line 'Hoekse Lijn'

Public transport in the region of Rotterdam The Hague has undergone a big makeover. The current rail line between Schiedam and Hook of Holland has been transformed into a metro line. It has been connected to the Rotterdam Metro Network, meaning that Rotterdam will now be linked directly to the beach of Hook of Holland.

Safe and accessible

The entrance portals to the Hoekse Lijn stations are positioned in such way that passengers can see the entire platform at a single glance, giving an extra feeling of safety. The platforms have transparent walls to screen off the stops. All the furnishings, such as lights, cameras and waste bins, are attached to the walls so that the platform is clear from any obstacles. Each station is fitted out with a ramps or lifts. This wide range of features ensure that the new transport system is safe to use by disabled people.

Various types of Staco gratings

Jos van den Bersselaar Constructie from Udenhout asked Staco to deliver 1839 m2 of ROM steel gratings for the transparent walls of the Hoekse Lijn. These partitions have a narrow mesh at the bottom, which that increases in size towards the top. They also have round, filler bars to create a playful effect.

In addition, Staco delivered 1362 m2 of type RV floor gratings with Cumaru wood for the ramps, supported by gratings on the sides for fall prevention. Some floor grids also include hatches produced exclusively by Staco. For the doors with locks and protection plates for technical areas, Staco supplied louvre gratings.

All the steel gratings were hot dip galvanised by Rotocoat and fitted out with specially developed brackets to make the mounting and positioning of the gratings straightforward.


Architect Marc Verheijen designed the colour scheme for the stations using a sunset spectrum. A different colour was used in each station: from yellow on the city side to red on the seaside. Each station contains characteristic elements on the inside of the portals and in the sheeting used on the glass of the shelters. A wave pattern in every station makes it clear that travellers are on a metro line that ends at the sea.

Staco products used

Staco grating type ROM
Staco grating type RK

Technical  information

Type ROM, with round crossbar in the middle. ROM 3-50 galvanised with different meshes  bearingbar 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and all crossbars on 99 mm, in total 292 m2 per mesh. Incl. special welded lugs. Gratings with cutouts, lugs. RK 3-30/33x33 galvanised.


Seven Hoekse Lijn stations  from Schiedam to Hoek van Holland, NL


Fencing & partitioning

Used in sector


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