Perfo treads for stairs Bike apple

The Bike Apple, a bike shelter in the form of an apple, is the eye-catcher at the railway station in Alphen aan den Rijn. This trophy will be presented during the Day of Hot-dip galvanising. The Bike Apple has different floors which are reached via straight and spiral steel staircases for which Staco has supplied the hot-dip galvanised perforated planks type AP and Staco pressed gratings type RR.

Although the basic form of the Bike Apple looks simple, the design is a complex one. The walkway on which the bicycles are parked winds around a cone-shaped core of steel columns like a spiral-shaped peel. The outer cladding consists of chain-link meshing with butterfly patterns. The various floors are accessible via steel staircases.

Staco has supplied hot-dip galvanised steel gratings in a range of forms and sizes. Staco supplied perfo treads for the straight and spiral stairs. Staco pressed gratings are used to enclose areas, ensuring safety. The bike racks are hot-dip galvanised and the handles of the bike racks are powder coated by Rotocoat. It can house 970 bicycles.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR
Staco perforated planks type AP

Technical information

Staco floor gratings type RR 2-30, mesh size 33 x 33, small gratings hot-dip galvanised with cutouts. Staco perfo treads type AP 3-50 / T / MAW 90 hot-dip galvanised special treads.


Central Station Aphen aan de Rijn, NL



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