Facade gratings on new railway station 'Delft'

Pressed gratings and louvre gratings from Staco were used for this railway station project of Delft. The gratings gives a tough appearance to the building.

The 'Delft Railway Zone' urban development project includes the construction of a 2,300-metre-long railway tunnel with an underground railway station, a station concourse, a town hall, a car-park building, bike shelters, a city park and a new residential area. The new underground railway station is situated in the middle of the tunnel, below the new town hall and the station concourse. Light and openness were essential elements in the design produced by Benthem Crouwel Architects. The platforms are high and spacious and daylight penetrates through the glass entrance of the station concourse and the glass mezzanine floor, a self-supporting floor between the station concourse and the platforms. Staco supplied the gratings for the facade behind the railway, using pressed gratings type RR 2-40/22x99 galvanised with a special look without an edge bar on the 2 short sides of the grating. The stair treads on the platform to the technical rooms are protected with louvre gratings type RL 3-60/100 x 50 galvanised. The doors are made of the same louvre gratings.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR
Staco louvre gratings type RL

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RR 2-40/22 x 99
Staco louvre gratings type RL 3-60/100 x 50 galvanised


Station Delft, Delft, NL


Fencing and partitioning

Used in sector


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