Sun shield of expanded metal

Horiba is one of the world's largest manufacturers of analytical and spectroscopic systems and components for industry and scientific research. To house the best students and top researchers, Horiba has moved to the Paris Saclay Campus in Palaiseau, 15 km outside Paris, the home of leading universities, schools and research institutes.


The new company premises consist of four linked buildings. The ground floor houses the laboratories, and the offices and R&D are located on the first floor. Serau Architects did the design work and the outer wall of the entire building measuring 3,300 m2 has been covered with painted expanded metal, giving the complex a modern and transparent look. All the panels made from aluminium expanded metal Oxygene 112XS were made to measure by Métal Déployé. They shield the building from the sun and also form a second skin. That cuts down on energy consumption and CO2 emissions, confirming the Horiba image.