Watch tower playground Stakenberg

The new watch tower Stakenberg Nunspeet is ready with also the treads and gratings from Staco.

In the past there were a lot of watch towers in the area of the Veluwe. The towers were used to discover fire in the woods. The last few years it has become a popular place for cyclists and other tourists. Stakenberg is a hill on the Veluwe between the places Nunspeet and Elspeet. The new watchtower is 20 metres high compared to the old one of 10 metres. Staco supplied the new treads TR 2-30/33x33 and gratings RR 2-25/33x33 galvanised

Staco products used

Pressed gratings type RR
Pressed stairtreads type TR

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings RR 2-25/33x33 galvanised
Staco pressed stairtreads TR 2-30/33x33 galvanised


Playground Stakenberg, Nunspeet 



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