Louvre gratings at "Zorghotel Roermond "

In April 2017, the Zorghotel Roermond opened their doors. Staco supplied louvre gratings RL 2-30 for the energy house which were galvanized and powder coated.

In the Zorghotel, patients can recover from major operations (such as a stroke) in a comfortable environment. Also there is an rehabilitation centre present with practice and treatment rooms.

Staco louvre gratings type RL 2-30 give a very nice view into the energy house, which is standing on the same area as the Zorghotel. The louvre gratings are galvanised and powder coated in the same colours as the walls of the building. The louvre gratings give some transparency into the building and the technical equipment can be stored in the correct temperature environment.

Staco products used

pressgratings type RL

Technical information

pressgratings type RL 2-30/99x33 galvanised and coated in RAL 7016, with louvre 2-40 /45 gr
total 440 m2 incl. 2 complete doors. 


Roermond, Zorghotel Roermond



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