Aviation Museum in Cracow

In 2010 was the opening of the Aviation Museum in Cracow. This is one of the most modern architectural and technological museums in Poland.

The total investment amount of approximately 45.8 million zlotys. Whereas, the operational area is over 3.378 and is 11 metres high. The exhibits, which could not have been presented so far, including planes, finally have found their own place. Besides, in the museum you will be able to find any interesting book from the library's collection or watch historical and educational movies in the small cinema. They present among other things planes from World War I and one of the biggest aircraft engine collection. This is also a cultural centre in which many concerts, performances and conferences take place. 

The world scale exhibition is placed in an ultra-modern architectural and originally designed building. The expressive object looks like whirling airscrew. Staco Polska has also participated in this project and delivered pressed gratings type RR with bearing bars 40x2 mm., both made up of galvanised steel and stainless steel. Staco's quality products are not only used as floor gratings, but they can also add an architectural flavour to contemporary projects.

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR

Technical information

Staco pressed grating type RR, bearing bar 40x2 mm,  made up of galvanised steel and stainless steel


Aviation museum, Krakow, PL



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